Failing Forward..

What if everyone else is making New Year’s Eve Resolutions and all YOU want is a NEW YOU? 

Psalm 121

Psalm 121 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if you are still reeling from the decisions that others made that are still shaping your life? What do you do if the decisions you made in 2012 are still reaping consequences?

How in the world do you step hopeful into the next year when you tripped messy through the last year?

These aren’t easy questions.. but they are ones I have…

My first answer is to seek G-D.  I am fasting my favorite TV program. It frees up 1 hour a day. My answer is to lean into G-D. I am bound to make mistakes and fail… I accept that will happen.  Where do I run? My hope is G-D. I have found it so hard to trust him at times…and yet.. HE is like the air I breathe. I want to trust him. I choose to trust HIM.

So you may have had a great 2012 and don’t have a clue what I went through but if you failed last year and dread failing again; look at failing as experience gained.

Do you feel like you are falling apart? Why not decide to fall forward…

Why not choose to move forward no matter what happens?

Why not look at 2013 as a year of “Glory be to God’s” instead of a to do list of resolutions? I don’t know about you, but my first step of faith is to move out of fear.

We live in a fallen world. I fall forward into a New Year, and I fall forward into Christ’s safe arms. He is safe to trust. Being a victim of Sexual abuse in the past, I know how hard it is to trust. God is the only one truly worthy of my trust. Psalms 116 has been a balm in Gilead for me.  

Psalms 116 msg

 1-6 I love God because he listened to me,

listened as I begged for mercy.
He listened so intently
as I laid out my case before him.
Death stared me in the face,
hell was hard on my heels.
Up against it, I didn’t know which way to turn;
then I called out to God for help:
“Please, God!” I cried out.
“Save my life!”
God is gracious—it is he who makes things right,
our most compassionate God.
God takes the side of the helpless;
when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.

7-8 I said to myself, “Relax and rest.
God has showered you with blessings.
Soul, you’ve been rescued from death;
Eye, you’ve been rescued from tears;
And you, Foot, were kept from stumbling.”

9-11 I’m striding in the presence of God,
alive in the land of the living!
I stayed faithful, though bedeviled,
and despite a ton of bad luck,
Despite giving up on the human race,
saying, “They’re all liars and cheats.”

12-19 What can I give back to God
for the blessings he’s poured out on me?
I’ll lift high the cup of salvation—a toast to God!
I’ll pray in the name of God;
I’ll complete what I promised God I’d do,
and I’ll do it together with his people.
When they arrive at the gates of death,
God welcomes those who love him.
Oh, God, here I am, your servant,
your faithful servant: set me free for your service!
I’m ready to offer the thanksgiving sacrifice
and pray in the name of God.
I’ll complete what I promised God I’d do,
and I’ll do it in company with his people,
In the place of worship, in God’s house,
in Jerusalem, God’s city.




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January 1, 2013 · 4:03 pm

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