Inspired Reading…

What inhibits your relationship with God? Take time to improve your relationship with God. Get rid of the distractions:Turn off the tv, pay off your credit cards, call that person you keep thinking about, What is your idol…What really, honestly, dominates your life? 

Pull out some teaching tapes/CD’s to listen to while you work or run errands. Refocus your life on God and what he has given you. Today at sunset starts Hanukkah. It is a time where we recommit ourselves to God. We promise to serve him and follow HIS will for our lives a fresh and new. It is the time we are thankful for all He has done. It is a time where we are thankful and celebrate the miracle of the lights. We celebrate the great mercy of God and the victory of Light over dark, Good over evil…

This Christmas season don’t loose sight of why we do this..

We are celebrating Jesus birth. However, I believe even non christians who celebrate christmas are using this time to give gifts to love ones to show their love. It isn’t about the size of the gift but the motive of the heart. Don’t lose the magic of the season in the dread of the crowds and the mall. Don’t lose the love in the midst of the problems and memories of the past! Take time and enjoy yourself. Love life again. 

If you think that God has given you the best he has and there is no more hope, you are wrong. 

If you think that the card you have drawn for this life is all there is, you haven’t seen what is in God’s hand! 

His mercy endures forever!

God knows how this thing is going to end! God has an expected end for you and it is Good! I am persuaded that whatever I have left to God, He is able to take care of good. 


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